Venom Movie Review – How Strong Are These Symbiotes

As the coming of the new movie Venom, fans are starting to ask how strong these symbiotes when blended with human hosts are. Furthermore Sony is wishing that the symbiote anti-hero Venom will show some potential even without Spiderman. In the past, Samuel Raimi, the director of Spider Man 3 created Venom as antagonist of the movie but the movie hit rock bottom which leave fans disappointed.

Sony Pictures once more would take the risk to show fans that the new Venom movie is worth your while. This time around Venom is played by Tom Hardy, there will be no Spider Man can be seen in this movie. This is an origin solo movie of the antihero Venom, but he will not be alone considering that there will be deadly symbiotes which will fight against Venom and furthermore will kill innocent lives. Meanwhile the Life Foundation, giant pharmaceuticals are doing some illegal experiments on human after getting hold of alien specie which falls on the Earth.

Naturally there are fans who are only familiar with Venom through comic books, but the fact is, there are plenty of characters in the MCU animation that are based on symbiotes. In fact our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was blended with symbiote in the past in different comic story. After Spider-Man rejected the symbiote and the symbiote blended to Eddie Brock, there is dangerous character like Carnage who has the power of symbiote.

Of course we cannot see Carnage on Venom solo movie origin and you can also know more regarding this movie on this sxite but we will be expecting that in the future this evil symbiote can fight Venom. The truth is whenever a symbiote blended with a criminal hosts and the desire to do evil is in the heart of the hosts, this will lead to a deadly symbiote. So how strong are these symbiotes? It surely depends on the motive and desire of the hosts and the will to devour people or animals.

This is going to be a great movie because antihero like Venom will save the city against Life Foundation and the Symbiotes. Symbiotes are very strong that they can glide over buildings, jump over few meters in one leap. They are impossible to kill and guns have no effect on them. Although they have weakness, it is almost impossible to stop them if you are just human.

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