Movies with Giant Creatures

Land of the Lost

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Land Of The Lost movie is a parody of Sid and Marty Kroft show, a 1975 television show. In this movie, Will Ferrell plays the role of Dr. Rick Marshall, a popular paleontologist who discovered Tachyons. With that, he learned how to vary space-time that ends up in an alter-dimension. Dr. Marshall together with Holly Cantrell (Ann Friel), who was a Cambridge drop-out have decided to test his machine that can send them to another dimension, and that is the Land of the Lost. This land is filled with Chaka, Sleestacks and T-Rex. You will find out here what happens to you when you pour dinosaur urine on your body.

Moreover, if you don’t know what Dr. Marshall was singing on a banjo, well, it is actually the original lyrics of 70’s show. Of course, Holly is a little girl in the original show.
Land of the Lost is a great movie. Yet, there are some flaws in it. Just like when the T-Rex are so close to them and breathing down their necks, you cant see extreme reactions from the actors or even care about the thing. And when they were almost bitten by the Sleestaks, they didn’t even run or reacted.

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Jack: The Giant Killer

With the help of his girlfriend, Jack was able to make a Robot Combat-Style suit. During his 18th birthday, a mysterious pony tailed man suddenly appears at his party. He brought with him a wrapped present which his Mom and His step-dad doesn’t want him to have. The present turns out to be an awesome yet terrible surprise which contains magic beans. The beans stalk grows higher and jack is whipped to the clouds. There he meets dinosaur-like monster along with his dad who is flying around in a castle.

The question is, if his father cannot wipe out the giants, how much more difficult to kill all the monsters? Actually, contrary to the title, there are no giants around, that’s why monsters are multiplying.

Jack with his father goes to visit the witch named Serena who is dwelling in an antique style tub. What makes her so upset was when she was abducted by the Giants years ago, no one is trying to rescue her or even attempt to help her. And when Jack’s girlfriend grows a beans stalk to find Jack, Serena leads three average sized monsters and a large one to England down that same beans stalk have her revenge. But Jack and his girlfriend together with his father managed to knock out one her monsters. Jack was dragged forward that lead him to the mouth of the monster and gets eaten. But of course, the good triumph over the bad. As the battle continues, the monster fell over and dies and Jack got off out of the monster.

In general, there are no Giants killed in the movie which opposite to the title. There are monsters instead.

Jack: The Giant Killer Trailer


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This movie a bit scoundrel but actually fun, the acting was good, the animation is good, the storyline is not that good but because of the spiders, it can be considered as better. What makes the story a bit disappointing is that, the battle between the armies and the spiders was too long and the scenes of dying spiders are kept on repeating over and over again that makes the movie go boring.

There were some scenes that are unintentionally funny and there are also some parts that are intentionally funny. Among those unintentional funny scenes is during the rescue, when the colonel kept flying around with the helicopter in near dusk skies with no back up. Him and a pilot I think. He had no plan and luckily he spotted the team just before the Spiders overtook them. Like I said, not good, but giant spiders made it better.

Arachnicide (2016)- Official Trailer

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