Venom Movie Review – How Strong Are These Symbiotes

As the coming of the new movie Venom, fans are starting to ask how strong these symbiotes when blended with human hosts are. Furthermore Sony is wishing that the symbiote anti-hero Venom will show some potential even without Spiderman. In the past, Samuel Raimi, the director of Spider Man 3 created Venom as antagonist of the movie but the movie hit rock bottom which leave fans disappointed.

Sony Pictures once more would take the risk to show fans that the new Venom movie is worth your while. This time around Venom is played by Tom Hardy, there will be no Spider Man can be seen in this movie. This is an origin solo movie of the antihero Venom, but he will not be alone considering that there will be deadly symbiotes which will fight against Venom and furthermore will kill innocent lives. Meanwhile the Life Foundation, giant pharmaceuticals are doing some illegal experiments on human after getting hold of alien specie which falls on the Earth.

Naturally there are fans who are only familiar with Venom through comic books, but the fact is, there are plenty of characters in the MCU animation that are based on symbiotes. In fact our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was blended with symbiote in the past in different comic story. After Spider-Man rejected the symbiote and the symbiote blended to Eddie Brock, there is dangerous character like Carnage who has the power of symbiote.

Of course we cannot see Carnage on Venom solo movie origin and you can also know more regarding this movie on this sxite but we will be expecting that in the future this evil symbiote can fight Venom. The truth is whenever a symbiote blended with a criminal hosts and the desire to do evil is in the heart of the hosts, this will lead to a deadly symbiote. So how strong are these symbiotes? It surely depends on the motive and desire of the hosts and the will to devour people or animals.

This is going to be a great movie because antihero like Venom will save the city against Life Foundation and the Symbiotes. Symbiotes are very strong that they can glide over buildings, jump over few meters in one leap. They are impossible to kill and guns have no effect on them. Although they have weakness, it is almost impossible to stop them if you are just human.

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Movies with Giant Creatures

Land of the Lost

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Land Of The Lost movie is a parody of Sid and Marty Kroft show, a 1975 television show. In this movie, Will Ferrell plays the role of Dr. Rick Marshall, a popular paleontologist who discovered Tachyons. With that, he learned how to vary space-time that ends up in an alter-dimension. Dr. Marshall together with Holly Cantrell (Ann Friel), who was a Cambridge drop-out have decided to test his machine that can send them to another dimension, and that is the Land of the Lost. This land is filled with Chaka, Sleestacks and T-Rex. You will find out here what happens to you when you pour dinosaur urine on your body.

Moreover, if you don’t know what Dr. Marshall was singing on a banjo, well, it is actually the original lyrics of 70’s show. Of course, Holly is a little girl in the original show.
Land of the Lost is a great movie. Yet, there are some flaws in it. Just like when the T-Rex are so close to them and breathing down their necks, you cant see extreme reactions from the actors or even care about the thing. And when they were almost bitten by the Sleestaks, they didn’t even run or reacted.

Land of the lost Trailer:

Jack: The Giant Killer

With the help of his girlfriend, Jack was able to make a Robot Combat-Style suit. During his 18th birthday, a mysterious pony tailed man suddenly appears at his party. He brought with him a wrapped present which his Mom and His step-dad doesn’t want him to have. The present turns out to be an awesome yet terrible surprise which contains magic beans. The beans stalk grows higher and jack is whipped to the clouds. There he meets dinosaur-like monster along with his dad who is flying around in a castle.

The question is, if his father cannot wipe out the giants, how much more difficult to kill all the monsters? Actually, contrary to the title, there are no giants around, that’s why monsters are multiplying.

Jack with his father goes to visit the witch named Serena who is dwelling in an antique style tub. What makes her so upset was when she was abducted by the Giants years ago, no one is trying to rescue her or even attempt to help her. And when Jack’s girlfriend grows a beans stalk to find Jack, Serena leads three average sized monsters and a large one to England down that same beans stalk have her revenge. But Jack and his girlfriend together with his father managed to knock out one her monsters. Jack was dragged forward that lead him to the mouth of the monster and gets eaten. But of course, the good triumph over the bad. As the battle continues, the monster fell over and dies and Jack got off out of the monster.

In general, there are no Giants killed in the movie which opposite to the title. There are monsters instead.

Jack: The Giant Killer Trailer


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This movie a bit scoundrel but actually fun, the acting was good, the animation is good, the storyline is not that good but because of the spiders, it can be considered as better. What makes the story a bit disappointing is that, the battle between the armies and the spiders was too long and the scenes of dying spiders are kept on repeating over and over again that makes the movie go boring.

There were some scenes that are unintentionally funny and there are also some parts that are intentionally funny. Among those unintentional funny scenes is during the rescue, when the colonel kept flying around with the helicopter in near dusk skies with no back up. Him and a pilot I think. He had no plan and luckily he spotted the team just before the Spiders overtook them. Like I said, not good, but giant spiders made it better.

Arachnicide (2016)- Official Trailer

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – A MUST PLAY

Pokemon Omega Ruby rom and Alpha Sapphire continued the Pokemon franchise by taking the Pokemon X and Y game that features interrupted elementary school lessons across the globe and making it into something kids and those young at heart could play on their Nintendo 2Ds and 3Ds. With this sequel, Nintendo rolled out a lot more options, more pokemons and a bigger world.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire focuses more on the antics of Team Magma and Team Aqua (called the Great villains Group in Japan). Players choose either a boy or a girl as the main character  as most Pokemon games do. There’s no difference between the two genders, other than some menu and music changes.

The game has players control the main character in a series of battles against the villains, using the old and the new Pokemon in the fight. These antagonist has taken over all the Hoenn region, which understandably plummets the world into darkness and despair. It’s up to the player to restore order by defeating them in a Pokemon battle.

Just as in the first game, players get bonus items and booster packs by defeating the enemies, and a badge by defeating a either Team Magma or Team Aqua leader. The game will contain twice as many Pokemons as the old titles have, including 13 never-before-released Pokemons with mega evolution. There will be 50 new opponents to fight, as well as the 40 from the last game (that’s a total of 90 for the mathematically challenged).

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will do away with link cables by utilizing the infrared port for multiplayer battles, and players don’t have to always battle each other — the game will have several minigames for two players to compete in.

Boom Beach Pushing RTS Genre to the Limits

Conventional wisdom says plain-Jane realtime strategy games are dying. Anyone making an RTS now has to have the next new thing — even the masters of RTS know 2D is dead. Supercell and Boom Beach, the venerable masters of 2D, are going to the third dimension in their products. But merely going 3D isn’t enough; there’s an envelope, so it needs to be pushed. In the case of Boom Beach, has one foot in the envelope and is kicking it along as cited on

It’s got all the features you’d expect from this type of 3D RTS — but it’s also got this crazy tie-in with the media. Instead of having resources out mining stuff, money is gained with something unique in a form of diamonds. The game is broken into two campaigns and factions: the villagers, also known as islanders, and the villains headed by Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman. Of course, they have their minions with the evil blackguards all over the archipelago.

Boom Beach is fully 3D, with a free-roving camera. There is also a fixed camera angle to recreate the isometric view for gamers who want that perspective. Enemy units are hidden in the map until line of radar is established. Radar upgrades become extra valuable for finding the enemy to attacked to.  Combat is fast-paced; when two large forces come together, entire squads can be wiped out in a few seconds. Because of this we found units to be mostly disposable. Units can gain experience levels progressing from rookie to trained, and probably higher — we just didn’t have anyone survive that long.

As the levels progress in Boom Beach, the player is able to build small bases in specific areas in order to churn out more support units and gather more resources. Base building starts at the command HQ; if the player has the cash to afford it, construction is as simple as placing the building. It takes time, but no construction units are required. The placement locations are clearly marked off and the buildings neatly fit within the area. The missions can also include rescue of villagers, as well as the usual barracks and vehicle construction on smaller islands.

Good, bad — who cares? You’ll be fighting enemies in fast-paced RTS action. Boom Beach is being developed by SuperCell and they are on the right track.

Shelter 2 : A Must Review Guide

I enjoyed playing the video game called Shelter and discovered it is very wonderful but straight video game. I guarded my badger cub brood in all their different hardship, keep out from predators (in all time) avoided forest fires  (except when I allow them to catch a fire for training) and push the two of them to become matured.

I was amazed to learn of other individuals emotional investment in the lives of these badgers, or the stress  they place themselves under to keep them surviving  since my encounter of Shelter was that it turn a numbers game really quick. The need of th cubs and their lack of skills to keep away from any harm triggered stress instead of any sense of parental obligation. It was a quite accompany task and accomplishment was eaching in the moment where everyone of them have avoided being devoured.

As we continue to Shelter 2. Lynxes have swap the badgers and the world is more of a extensive thing, enabling you wander than passing you with a series of vignettes. In that realm are various plot which alter due to the species along with little souvenir to look for.

The video game comes with the pregnant mother lynx moving away from wolves. It gives you the idea of fundamentals like jumping and running, then utilizes shining stars to direct you all over a greener spot to place where she can deliver a baby.  The two distinction regarding Shelter and Shelter 2 is you can label your cubs in- game. While those names then appear in a family tree on the main menu and any cubs who make it to the maturity  can be playable characters in the long run (if you just settle to the very end of the credits and don’t stop pondering the blurry screen and lack of any more words which shows you are just alone). So I think you give birth to female litters of one brown, one white, one dark and one ginger cub always.

My first play through Bovril survived and I guide her with her own litter nevertheless because of the character restricted on naming her cubs are now named Snowba, Marmit, Biscui and Rusty. This might seems like a less important issue however the lack of distinction among the litters in all time and the six character limit made it hard to name the cubs as I wanted and to even begin investing in them as a family.

As you begin to understand to capture bunny to give them to your  babies. You may naturally view them nice however if you are having trouble you can right click to utilize Lynx sense (using the sense of smell) which feature the prey in a red color on a colorless landscape for a few seconds. You may as well have to utilize the right click to features icons showing various landmarks so that in every hunting you will never get lost. There are times that I have no clear vision of the cubs though as they can be covered by the background of patterns in the settings.

Strolling over the maps to new areas or to hunt a prey utilizes up lots of energy so you have to use all your power of speed. You will have to replenish the energy level from walking or running faster and the way to do it is steal one of the rabbit food and consume it to revive.