Boom Beach Pushing RTS Genre to the Limits

Conventional wisdom says plain-Jane realtime strategy games are dying. Anyone making an RTS now has to have the next new thing — even the masters of RTS know 2D is dead. Supercell and Boom Beach, the venerable masters of 2D, are going to the third dimension in their products. But merely going 3D isn’t enough; there’s an envelope, so it needs to be pushed. In the case of Boom Beach, has one foot in the envelope and is kicking it along as cited on

It’s got all the features you’d expect from this type of 3D RTS — but it’s also got this crazy tie-in with the media. Instead of having resources out mining stuff, money is gained with something unique in a form of diamonds. The game is broken into two campaigns and factions: the villagers, also known as islanders, and the villains headed by Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman. Of course, they have their minions with the evil blackguards all over the archipelago.

Boom Beach is fully 3D, with a free-roving camera. There is also a fixed camera angle to recreate the isometric view for gamers who want that perspective. Enemy units are hidden in the map until line of radar is established. Radar upgrades become extra valuable for finding the enemy to attacked to.  Combat is fast-paced; when two large forces come together, entire squads can be wiped out in a few seconds. Because of this we found units to be mostly disposable. Units can gain experience levels progressing from rookie to trained, and probably higher — we just didn’t have anyone survive that long.

As the levels progress in Boom Beach, the player is able to build small bases in specific areas in order to churn out more support units and gather more resources. Base building starts at the command HQ; if the player has the cash to afford it, construction is as simple as placing the building. It takes time, but no construction units are required. The placement locations are clearly marked off and the buildings neatly fit within the area. The missions can also include rescue of villagers, as well as the usual barracks and vehicle construction on smaller islands.

Good, bad — who cares? You’ll be fighting enemies in fast-paced RTS action. Boom Beach is being developed by SuperCell and they are on the right track.